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Designed to produce the warmest and most natural-sounding analog-like delays, Echo Flex can also create intense self-oscillation and glitch effects at its most extreme settings. Long delays appear lush and cavernous with each ghostly repeat de-generating in a natural manner. Shorter delays provide a bright slapback tone, perfect for reggae or rockabilly. Reminiscent of the vintage tape-based echo units used on classic recordings, you'll find that Echo Flex makes modern factory-produced digital pedals sound sterile and boring by comparison.

  Echo Flex features:
Lush cavernous delays up to 800ms in lo-fi long-delay mode
Allows knob-tweaking to easily achieve self-oscillation effects
Controls for Mix, Delay and Feedback (Repeat)
Fully hand-wired circuitry, no printed circuit board
Compact MXR-sized enclosure
True bypass 3PDT switching
Bright indicator LED
Accepts standard 9V pedal adaptor
9V DC battery clip included

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