New Wah Fix Pedal Delivers Solution to Guitarists’ Search for Wah’s Sweet Spot

Big Knob Pedals applies practical “fix” to a classic effect

Studio City, CA – June 3, 2015 – Adding to the company’s established line of hand-wired guitar effects, Big Knob Pedals has unveiled the new Wah Fix fixed wah pedal.

The Wah Fix offers unprecedented control to a problem faced by guitarists using their wah pedals primarily for a treble-boost or notch filtering effect, namely, how best to lock-in that proverbial sweet spot? For many it’s a matter of taping coins or adjusting gear teeth to restrict the travel in their wah’s plunger, but more often the methods remain ad hoc, proving less than effective in live performance situations.

Based on the classic British-produced wah pedal from the 70s, Wah Fix incorporates all the essential components of the perfect vintage wah pedal but without the one imprecise variable of having to perfectly position one’s foot, making it now easier than ever to dial in a very precise tonal shape beforehand.

• Three knobs control Wah Effect (frequency), Volume (boost), and Q (range or resonance).
• 100% hand-wired point-to-point electronics, i.e., no circuit board.
• 3PDT switch for full bypass and housed in a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure.
• Compact size fits easily on any pedalboard, a fraction the size of a typical wah pedal.
• Powered by standard pedal power supply or optional 9v battery.
• Unlike a typical wah, can be set up as a clean boost effect with or without wah effect.

The Wah Fix carries a suggested retail price of $119 and is now available for online purchase at the Big Knob Pedals online store

Big Knob Pedals has been making quality handmade guitar effects since 2008, specializing in recreating classic guitar tones using time-tested designs and the highest quality components. Designer Gary Kibler began his company in London, England and for seven years has demonstrated that “boutique effects” can remain affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to find their perfect tone without having to sacrifice anything in terms of quality or value.

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