Fuzz Lift Germanium
Our super-charged update on the fuzz classic used by Hendrix and countless others. Hand-wired circuitry includes matched NOS Russian military germanium transistors to make this the creamiest, most authentic Fuzz Face you'll ever hear. And just like the original, it cleans up nicely with a roll-off of guitar volume.
Fuzz Lift Silicon
Newly redesigned for a smoother, creamier fuzz tone, this version adds more gain than the germanium yet still retains a bright, clean tone with your guitar volume rolled back. This may be the best silicon Fuzz Face yet!
Tone Blender
This legendary fuzz was the first go-to pedal for the acclaimed guitarists of the 1960s and early 70s including Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Mick Ronson. Its super-thick vintage fuzz tone is achieved by means of three matched NOS 1960s-era Russian military germanium transistors.
Fuzz Barn
From authentic Hendrix Fuzz Face tones to over-the-top feedback squeals and insane self-oscillation, a nearly infinite variety of fuzz effects are yours by tweaking Fuzz Barn's five inter-related knobs. Two NOS Russian military germanium transistors provide the authentic vintage fuzz tones.
Bushy Bison
Although originally designed with the bass in mind by accentuating the bottom end and subs, this versatile pedal makes for a great guitar fuzz as well. The Pinch control adds a gated effect to produce even more punch. A classic!
Color Jumbo
A clone of the popular early 1970's Colorsound Tone Bender, this silicon fuzz is more closely related to the first Big Muff circuits. More raw and gritty than modern muffs, it embodies a pronounced vintage fuzz that even bass players, such as Michael Rutherford of Genesis, have tapped into both live and in the studio.
A re-creation of the classic Octavia circuit made famous by Hendrix. You probably don't realize just how many classic solos of Jimi's relied upon this octave-up-plus-ring-modulation effect until you hear it live for yourself the first time. Used in conjunction with other effects, Octavius may well become your new pedalboard favorite!
Pink Freud
Finally! The best of both worlds - fuzz and overdrive - in a single pedal! Freud provides the perfect cure for fuzz sounding thin and stark by adding a built-in overdrive at the end of a classic Fuzz Face circuit. A versatile pedal, Pink Freud goes from screaming fuzz to shimmering clean, all with a simple roll-off of your guitar's volume knob.
Green Russian
Many view this Russian Sovtek circuit as one of the best silicon-based fuzzes ever produced. Though now increasingly rare, they're still prized for their smooth, dark and mid-range tone. Although similar to the Civil War model, there are a few component value differences that create a subtle change some fans of this pedal swear by.
Creamy Pi
A Sovtek Green Russian circuit with an added "Creamy Dreamer" mod, this pedal produces a more hi-gain fuzz tone than stock muffs and has proved to be one of the most popular muff mods ever. By grounding emitters of the two gain stage transistors, the level of fuzz and sustain is increased and this pedal remains hugely popular with grunge, alt blues and garage-rock guitarists alike.
Civil Warp
A replica of the muff made famous by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, the Russian-produced Sovtek "Civil War" model is now extremely rare, nearly impossible to find or purchase anywhere. These are known for being smoother, a tad darker with more midrange, less gain, and have what some describe as a more musical tone compared to other versions.
Confirmed from sources as the muff circuit Billy Corgan used for his "Siamese Dream" guitar sound, this pedal is cloned from the exact same 1977 opamp-based model used on the classic album. This version was the first muff to break away from the traditional four-transistor circuit design, using instead two opamps (a LM741 and JRC4558) that yielded a crunchier hi-gain twist to the classic fuzz.
NYC Version 6
Manufactured sometime between 1981-82, this version is also referred to as "Circuit 3034" and stands out from stock muffs in its unique tone qualities. More wild and raw-sounding than modern NYC muffs, there is definitely something special about this particular model and now its original circuit has been faithfully recreated here to add to the Big Knob line of classic muffs.
Pig Stomp
One of our own muff mash-ups, this classic design is cleverly mutated to become one wild and woolly hi-gain fuzz monster; something you'd imagine Jack White or the Black Keys using onstage to blow back the first 50 rows. Pig Foot is definitely a case of alt-fuzz love.
Clon Minotaur
A meticulous reproduction of an overdrive legend sometimes referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of overdrives. Now discontinued, the originals still command prices in excess of 800 online. Jeff Beck, John Mayer and other respected guitarists have made this part of their signature sound.
Tube 808
A circuit and component replica of what's now universally recognized as the most popular overdrive ever produced. Its signature sound of mid-boosted tone, still popular with blues and rock players alike, is often imitated but rarely cloned to such an exacting standard. It's no wonder why our Tube 808 continues to be our number-one best-seller.
Tone Boner
Our take on the popular MOSFET boost that is so transparent no one would ever guess you're using a pedal. More than simply boosting your guitar's signal, Tone Boner actively restores clarity and tone from all that can get lost in that spaghetti of cables and effects. Added at the end of your signal chain, you'll be astonished how your entire rig seems to suddenly come alive.
D OverDrive 250
Most often associated with Yngwie Malmsteen, this circuit design was the tone boost of choice for other guitar icons such as Randy Rhodes. Considered one of the most popular overdrives ever, its ballsy boost remains especially suited for driving Marshall-type tube heads into classic-sounding distortion. Its articulate-yet-heavy, biting and clear tones must be heard to be believed!
Range Blaster
This single-germanium boost pedal's legendary tone is still revered as one of the cornerstones of vintage rock. Known primarily as the classic treble boost popularized by Brian May of Queen and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, it's been re-discovered time and again by guitarists of every generation.
Zed Drive
The Zed Drive is the perfect overdrive for those looking to create tones associated with some of the finest boutique amplifiers on the market. Four knobs control the overall volume, gain, tone and voicing. While not a high-gain pedal, the Zed packs some major mojo that can make even inexpensive solid-state amps sound like expensive boutique models.
Also referred to as a poor-man's Klon, Tone-Nation amazingly produces the same great tone as the expensive premium overdrive but with a tad more bite and gain. A great tone value, this pedal is destined to find a permanent place on your pedalboard.
Rock Ola
An exclusive Big Knob original, the Rock-Ola overdrive was specifically designed to maximize the full potential of fingers and plectrum. Used with your guitar's volume and tone knobs, it produces an extraordinarily wide range of overdrive and distortion palettes. And while the design focus was on single-coil Strats, Rock-Ola also sounds terrific with humbucker-based guitars.
Black Metallic
Our premium hi-gain distortion is modelled after some of the most popular boutique high-gain pedals on the market. If you're looking for an affordable alternative that can provide you that same tight, high-intensity distortion minus the compressed mushy mess delivered by cheap commercial pedals, look no further.
Appetite For Distortion
An exclusive Big Knob original, our AFD comes as close to nailing Slash's Marshall JCM800 'Appetite' sound as any Marshall-in-a-box pedal made. Turn down the gain a bit and it also provides a fairly authentic Plexi tone as well. If you've a Fender amp or some other that happens to be miles away from a Marshall sound but every so often have a need to kick in with a version of "Sweet Child" then this is your pedal!
Rat Pak
An exacting circuit and component replica of a vintage 1985 "Whiteface" RAT. This classic LM308N-based unit is the one most experts point to as representing the best this classic line of distortions had to offer. The only addition to the original 1985 circuit is the inclusion of a switch allowing you to choose between the vintage classic mode and the newer RAT2/Turbo clipping modes.
Echo Flex
Designed to produce the warmest and natural-sounding analog delays, Echo Flex can also create intense self-oscillation and glitch effects at its most extreme settings. Reminiscent of the vintage tape-based echo units used on classic recordings, you'll find that Echo Flex makes modern factory-produced digital pedals sound sterile and boring by comparison.
Vibe Tone
Now fully redesigned to fit in our standard smaller enclosure, Vibe Tone retains its original authentic Uni-Vibe sound using the same vintage optical circuit incorporating 4 LDRs, just like the original units made famous by Hendrix, Gilmour, Trower and others. This is not another cheap digital simulation but an accurate representation of how the original pedals achieved their classic swirling effect.
Dyna Tone
This latest addition to the Big Knob line-up was added by popular request from our customers. The Dyna Tone adds infinitely clean sustain by means of an opto-coupler circuit that varies the output signal to keep it a constant level. Compressing the loud signals while boosting the lower ones, it transparently provides smooth sustain without any noticeable degradation of sound quality.
Wah Fix
A wah circuit (based on a classic 1970 Colorsound Wah) made specifically for use in a fixed (static) setting. If you find you use your wah more as a notch filter or treble-boost effect - i.e., finding that sweet spot and then leaving it in place for solos or for a specific tone - then this pedal was made for you!
True Bypass Looper
This isn't a looper, but an effect loop pedal that gives you the ability to run two extra loops right from your rig. This is perfect for use with old non-true-bypass pedals, just put these effects into one of the effects loop and when they aren't in use they are totally bypassed giving you clean, pure tone. You can also use the True Bypass Looper as a muted tuner out.
AB Switch
Our A/B switcher lets you select between two alternate channels, A or B, sending one guitar to either two amps or two different signal paths. Using a passive mechanical switching method there are no active components to rob you of your tone. Two bright LEDs indicate your channel status.

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