Tube 808
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A circuit and component replica of what's now universally recognized as the most popular overdrive ever produced. Its signature sound of mid-boosted tone, still popular with blues and rock players alike, is often imitated but rarely cloned to such an exacting standard. The original JRC4558D opamp chip is just one of the key ingredients in re-creating this legendary pedal's classic tone and it's certainly no wonder why our Tube 808 continues to be our number-one best-seller.

  Tube 808 features:
Replica of the classic overdrive made famous by SRV and others
The original JRC4558D opamp chip
Controls for Drive, Tone and Volume
Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
Compact MXR-sized enclosure
True bypass 3PDT switching
Bright indicator LED
Accepts standard 9V pedal adaptor
9V DC battery clip included

Audio Clips and Recording Notes

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Video Clips

Ben Poole is a longtime friend of Big Knob Pedals and uses our Tube808 to kick his amazing solos into overdrive. He also keeps our Tone Boner, Vibe Tone, Octavius, and Color Jumbo Fuzz as critical components to his current onstage and studio rig. Check out this live video of Ben doing what he does best at this year's Sierre Blues Festival in Switzerland. His 808 kicks in at the 4:32 mark. Ben's debut album "Let's Go Upstairs" features some of the best new blues guitar performances along with astonishing tone! If you haven't already, go check it out!


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