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The Wah Fix offers unprecedented control to a problem faced by many guitarists using their wah pedals primarily for treble-boost or notch filtering, namely, how best to lock-in that proverbial sweet spot? For many its a matter of taping coins or adjusting gear teeth to restrict the travel in their wahs plunger, but more often than not the methods remain mostly ad hoc, proving less than effective in live performance situations.

Based on the classic British-produced wah pedal from the 70s, Wah Fix addresses this by incorporating all the essential components of the perfect vintage wah pedal but without that one imprecise variable of its foot plunger, now making it easier than ever to dial in perfectly any tonal wah shape you wish beforehand.

  Wah Fix features:
Classic 70s static wah filter emulation
Controls for Volume, Q and Wah
Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
Compact MXR-sized enclosure
True bypass 3PDT switching
Bright indicator LED
Accepts standard 9V pedal adaptor
9V DC battery clip included

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