And This Is Just The Beginning…

Big Knob Pedals has been making quality handmade guitar effects since 2008. We specialize in recreating classic tones using time-tested designs and the highest quality components. We also strive to keep our prices affordable so that everyone has the opportunity to find their perfect guitar tone without having to sacrifice either quality or value.

All of our pedals are 100% wired by hand using no printed circuit boards or caustic chemicals. Quality components such as metal film resistors and film capacitors insure high fidelity and low noise. All enclosures are solid die-cast aluminum cases with quality 3PDT true bypass footswitch as standard. We strive to match as closely as possible the original design and components when a pedal is based on a vintage model. For example, we test and match in detail large numbers of NOS (new old stock) germanium transistors for our vintage fuzz clones and are careful to select just right opamp chips that will pefectly match those used in classic pedals (for instance, a Tube Screamer’s original JRC4558D or a RAT’s LM308N chip).

Whether you’re a veteran stompbox junkie or putting together your first pedalboard, Big Knob Pedals can help you achieve the sounds and effects you’re looking for at a price you can afford. Welcome to the family of Big Knob Pedals!

Gary Kibler
President / General Manager / Big Cheese / Grand Poobah
Big Knob Pedals

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