This now infamous circuit was once considered an obscure but affordable overdrive, basically another drop in a vast sea of TS clones, after it was first released in 2004.   But then in March of 2023 something amazing happened.

Our friend Josh Scott over at JHS pedals did a video (see below) that raised the lowly BM to cult status seemingly overnight.  In the video, Josh and his band demonstrated just how closely it could mimic other well-respected overdrives – these included the Klon Centaur, a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, a Hermida Zendrive, JHS’s own Morning Glory (a BluesBreaker clone), as well as a Nobles ODR-1.  The results were remarkable and the video ended up being one of Josh’s most viewed ever.  What he proved (and he later made another video explaining more directly what his point was) was that with a good basic overdrive that happens to include more than one tone control option – in BM’s case, a “low” and “high” knob – you can pretty much dial in something that’s nearly indistinguishable from other highly-sought-after (and expensive!) pedals.  Something us builders and other pedal aficionados have known for years.

Due to the resulting popular demand we quickly geared up to offer these affordable alternatives to our regular Big Knob customers.  This was when the pricing jumped overnight to levels exceeding $400 or more in the weeks following.  Since then, things have appeared to have stabilized at around the $200 range, so we will continue offering ours as an affordable option.


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